Customer-oriented company

understanding the customer value

What is a customer-oriented company?

The focus of the customer-oriented company is the continuous and unwavering development of value creation, at every decision making level of the company and in the activities of all employees.

Why is it important for a company to be customer-oriented?

Increasing competition and rapid technological development are transforming value chains. Only those companies have a chance to succeed in the increasing competition, which realize that all of the company's human resources has to participate in this adaptation process every day .

What are the main steps in becoming a customer-oriented company?  

  • The employees of the company, but especially the management, need to understand the basics of value creation in the company - value-creating activities, activities necessary for value creation and non-value creating activities.
  • Developing the tools and methods for designing and implementing a strategy based on the value creation concept, improving day-to-day operations, product development and business development.
  • Adopting a systematic approach to customer relationship planning.

A 2-hour presentation + Q&A will provide an insight into the tools above and helps to select areas for operational improvement.

What results can we expect?

More efficient operations, faster product development, more effective innovation.

Typical questions:

  • What are the most typical barriers in developing customer-oriented operation?
    The biggest inhibiting force is management culture based on traditional hierarchies. In this system, management is positioned by access to information, budget to spend and the number of people they manage - all of which are irrelevant to customer value creation. The customer-centric company inverts the traditional corporate pyramid and works to ensure that the people involved in value creation operate, improve and develop the value stream as efficiently as possible.
  • Is there a shift in emphasis between the above elements by industry? 
    The basic approach is the same across the board, with product development and new business development being more pronounced in fast-moving/digitalising industries, and improving efficiency being the main focus in slower-moving industries.
  • Who should attend the presentations?
    Middle managers and development staff will benefit from the presentations. For senior managers, we recommend the Bimodal Company 2-day workshop, where alongside the presentations, we identify possible development directions by mapping the company's specific situation and tasks, reflecting on management dilemmas.

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Péter Vityi Partner, Senior strategy and digitalization expert, Vice-President, Hungarian IT Association